Brian “BO$$” Cohen started his exciting one-of-a-kind life in Queens, NY and then grew up on Long Island. He first began his business at the age of 8 Buying & Selling Baseball Cards. While most kids collected cards as a hobby, Brian made it into a lucrative business negotiating sales at local card shows on the same level as vendors with 20 years' experience. At the age of 18 he attended Bartending School and immediately got a job at a busy Nightclub.

Bringing large groups of friends to see him, within 6 months, Brian somehow figured out how to drive business into Nightclubs. Within a few months he was named the Director of Marketing for 3 of Long Island's largest Nightclubs. Over the next few years Brian packed out Nightclubs on Long Island and in New York City with his Nightlife Promotions Company East Coast Underground. With multiple venues operating simultaneously Brian thrived in the Spotlight as a Major Player in the New York market. He also started marketing services, such as Distribution Kings (Guerrilla Marketing) and even his fiercest competitors were using his services.

In 2003 Brian decided to bring his New York experience down South to the State of Florida. While packing out Nightclubs all over the State with his Promotions Company, he pitched an Owner on a Nightclub Promotion deal and was offered to become a General Manager of a Major Nightclub and bar. Brian thrived in this position raising the venues sales over 700% in one month and shortly after he opened his first of many Nightclubs.

Operating, Managing, Consulting Nightclubs in Florida was not enough for Cohen. In 2007 he expanded his brand out West. Cohen excelled in Ownership, Marketing, and Consulting in multiple Industries and now was a Household name in the Hospitality Business. His expansion got him much National recognition such as Public Speaking at the Nightclub & bar show and other Las Vegas Conventions. He also received Top 100 Businessmen in Las Vegas in 2014 as well as many other awards.

In 2016, Beverly Hills Hospitality launched & Cohen partnered and revamped Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills, as well as Byblos Ultra Lounge in Westwood, & The District in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills Hospitality is a High-End West Los Angeles Hospitality Company.

In his over two decades serving the Hospitality, Sports, & Marketing Industries, Cohen has been involved with over 300 projects in over 40 North American Cities.

Cohen launched the first ever MOB BAR in Los Angeles on Valentines Day 2020. Sadly, it was closed, due to the pandemic in just 30 days.

During the pandemic Cohen opened a Half, a dozen venues in Texas & other States but then circled back home to California. He continued his 6-year relationship with Byblos Ultra Lounge, launched & launched new venues.